N.U.D.A. Métamorphosa intima

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“L’Homme, le premier doit “dompter l’animal pour en faire un compagnon utile” et le second doit “guérir l’animal en lui-même pour s’en faire un ami.”                                                                                               Anjéla Jiffé Naturel Univers D’Amour c’est la recherche intime des espaces invisibles mais tojours présents… … Continued

Trees in Herceg-Novi

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This Summer the embroiderie project The Time of Trees moved to Montenegro, in my beautiful hometown of Herceg-Novi. During Guitar Art Summer Festival, those trees grown as a colorfull forest acompanied by music improvisation by guitar player Pietro Baldoni. Some of … Continued

Piccole cose

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Il y a quelqu’un moment que j’ai dis de ne pas plus exposer dans les bars,restaurants, hotels….  La vie nous aprendre que il y a toujours des exeptions. Dans mon cas là c’est un belle exemple de “nikad ne reci … Continued

Gastronomia Paradisiaca

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Installation  Gastronomia Paradisiaca  consist eight engravings hand-printed on rosapina cotton paper, in a forms of circle R=26cm. It is dedicated to milk as the first taste that humans feel, the first food of all mammals. I tried to present what was … Continued

Exhibition Cosmopolis

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“Attracted by experimentation, for the exhibition “Le Goût des Etoiles” organized by Maison d’Europe de Nantes, Izabela has specially created an original creation that invites you to share its Gastronomia Paradisiaca. You are invited to a primed table where the … Continued

Sweet relief

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The 1th engraving this year I made combining two different techniques. Linocut and a draw point.  Aluminum plate to make a draw point engraving effect is taken from the inside part of tetra brick that was a package of a … Continued

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