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« Attracted by experimentation, for the exhibition « Le Goût des Etoiles » organized by Maison d’Europe de Nantes, Izabela has specially created an original creation that invites you to share its Gastronomia Paradisiaca.
You are invited to a primed table where the dishes are his works of art. Its history, Izabela graters inside the milk bricks, in the dry point. In his hands, even the emptiness is useful, here the white plate frames and dialogues with the color and the drawing. The iconography traces myths and the maternal symbol of milk, ancestral food, source of life in all cultures. Izabela weaves ties with the golden thread, assembles, suspends and transports our gaze to the Mediterranean mythology of Arachne.
By offering a new artistic life to these bricks, the work also puts the importance of recycling on the table. »  Gianni Cudazzo                                                                                        In the space Cosmopolis you could see two exhibition. Tetra-Vita is dedicated to my journeys and the music that moves me a lot ( you could find some more details in one of my previous posts titled « TetraVita »).  Gastronomia Paradisiaca  that is dedicated to milk as the first taste that humans feel, the first food of all mammals. I tried to present what was the place and meaning of a milk during the humans’ history and where is it today ( the latest post titled « Gastronomia Paradisiaca » shows some more detailed photos). Both series of  engravings, are hand-printed on rosapina cotton paper.

The exhibition is visible at Espace Cosmopolis, 16 rue Scribe, in Nantes, every afternoon, from 1:30 pm to 8:30 pm, until May 19th.

Thanx Gianni Cudazzo for giving me confidence to invest the space and thanks to collective Cosmopolis. Thank you to all my friends who support me all this time. You are all wonderful.