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Passioned for experimental process, I like to give to the things and objects  some more sense. Some other, new life. Especially if their final destination is a garbage box. You could call it recycling if you want. As the water circulate in the nature, I tried to continued the life-circle of tetra-packs. Nothing new I did not invent.  The technique exist as a artisans engraving technique of draw point long long time ago. I was just wondering where were those tetra-packs and where are they going? Who they saw ? Are they happy or sad? Did they felt in love? Are they singing or playing some warm rhythm with their metal belly? Few of them are already out of my sight, but I manage to keep some of their stories. At the engravings, printed at the paper 65 cm x 50 cm, you could recognize some of Mediterranean landscapes that I’m always turning back.

Traveling and working for me is not easy to separate! And both with the music turned on! The music I love inspired me a lot. Some of my favorite songs are engraved in this tetra-pack-journey.  So  » Traveling salesman », « Daydreamer », « Fireweed » from by Patrick Watson ( singer, songwriter,musician living in Montreal) and « December », « Malta », « Welcome back monkeys »,  » World of wonder »… from Italian group C’mon Tigre, and so on   » Before you close your eyes »  and   » Lucinda » from Tindersticks, Morphine also Anouar Brahem.. Rambo Amadeus.

I share them softly with you as the pages of the intimate diary.

So here are some of

1 sur la plage  DSC00607  4 au soleil

At the beach                          It’s up at the end of July                     Under the Sun


3 crea  6 dreaming orient  2 marin blues         Crea au chantier                         Dreaming Orient                                Blues marine

7 traveling sailor 9 where the fireweed grows 8 welcome back monkeys

Traveling sailor                     Where the fireweed grows          Welcome back monkeys

10 the night IMG_20161122_144342 12 usnuli u svoje vrijeme

The Night                                  World of wonder                 Usnuli u svoje vrijeme

13 na pučini plavog mora valjao se val IMG_4979 

Na pučini plavog mora…                          Lucinda                         Before your close your eyes






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