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Mixed tech. on canvas

ceznja IMG_4075 December, 80cm x 100cm

IMG_3541 IMG_4081  Eching, 100cm x 100cm

povjerenje IMG_4074                    Waiting, 100cm x 73cm

pasija IMG_4064                    Passion, 100cm x 73cm

tuga IMG_4057                      Compassion, 100cm x 73cm

suma IMG_4051                        Life, 100cm x 73cm

Collage/embroidery 50cm x 60cm

plava IMG_4016 purpurna IMG_4002

sarena IMG_4009

Acrylic on wood panel/ composition of 10 panel-box, 23cm x 31 cm x10cm

IMG_3874 IMG_4026

IMG_4019 IMG_4022 IMG_4028 IMG_4033 IMG_4042


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