Sweet relief

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The 1th engraving this year I made combining two different techniques. Linocut and a draw point.  Aluminum plate to make a draw point engraving effect is taken from the inside part of tetra brick that was a package of a red vine.  Elixir of love, divine potion, the drink that could take us to religious rituals and glorious ceremonies…There is a cupid as a messenger of the pleasure and love.  There is a tiger because sometimes I feel like.  Extremely strong and very powerful. Although resisting the blows, sometimes we fall. Then he appears, bathed in celestial light, to give us back our force. He approach to bring up our soul from her shadow, so we could continue our journey. Cupid presents our friends and people that show up in our way « accidentally » par hazard. To recover our spirit sometimes is hard and softly in the same time.  As a love and hate.  Pleasure and pain. They go in circles.                  « Sweet relief » is a story of a sharing and changes. Giving and receiving, laughing and crying, positive and negative, light and darkness. Connecting all those contrasts creates a game of life. Accepting and respecting them make us stronger.

It is homage to all those people that sew the wings to another.

 » Sweet relief« , linocut and a draw point at coton paper 50cm x 60cm, january 2018