Maquette 151217

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Here are some instants of the maquette of seven days’ research with dancer Morgan Orleach . It was a great experience searching, pulled by the hair, cuddeling the roots, breathing the trees. To go out from our own prison. Crawling at the same direction. Craving for the live music accompaniment, we created listening Carl Stone album 1196                                                  The presentation was 15 december 2017  at Salle Dix, Butte Saint Anne, Nantes.          Thanx Morgan for your sweet dance and your patience presence!                                      Thanx Nadia and colective Dix. Thank you Virginia!                                                           Photos by  Vincent Descourtieux, pour voir en plus de son travail                                                                                    Thanx Vince for this great document!


To be continued…. 🙂