Contes du pin aux Les Abeilles

Portes ouverts des Abeilles, 25 et 26 novembre 2017, Saint Nazaire.

It was my first intervention in a port town near by Nantes , wich becomes my new residence. We were several artist that intervened  new place open for the artistic research at the one of the oldest port house of Le Petit Maroc, Saint Nazaire. It was opening of  the doors of Les Abeilles. Beautiful meetings between artists and the habitants. My performance  » Les contes du pin » (  » The stories of the pine tree ») was dedicated to few pines trees that are left  at this beautiful Atlantic coast.. Installation is made of a textile ribbons, old wooden chairs I found around. Retro-projector serves me to give a life to the construction while drawing and painting on. That permit the public to participate so it becomes inclusion  helping « pine tree » to grow or just sit and rest  or dance above it….Little boy was the first free to do it. Thanx his father at his confidence and patience.

Special thanx to Laetitia Cordier, capitain of Les Abeilles, for her force to make things growing and Marie Yonnet, for their photos and belle presence.  Thanx to all for those magical week’end. Waiting for the short video I hug you!   For all curious about Les Abeilles